The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biennial solar-powered car race which covers 3,021km through the great Australian Outback, from Darwin to Adelaide.

It provides a chance to showcase advances in solar technologies as well as highlight commitment to a sustainable future.

TeamArrow Racing Association first entered the World Solar Challenge in 2013 with our single-sear solar car Arrow1. We claimed pole position and placed 7th overall – the highest Australian placing team in the Challenger class. Clenergy TeamArrow participated in both the 2015 and 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.  2015 saw Arrow1 place 8th, again as the highest placing Australian team.  In 2017 we placed 3rd in the RACV Cruiser Class with our two-seat solar electric sports car the Arrow STF.

Competitors in the challenge face a range of complex issues such as finding a way to deliver optimal efficiency from the vehicle and complex power-electronics systems all while dealing with the harsh Australian outback conditions. These challenges are addressed through the development of world class Australian technologies, many of which have made their way from previous challenges in to consumer motoring products.

First run in 1987, the race attracts teams from around the world and receives extended coverage locally and globally. Cars are allowed a nominal 5kW hours of stored energy. All other energy must come from the sun or be recovered from the kinetic energy of the vehicle. These are some of the most efficient vehicles ever made, they can cruise across Australia at over 100KPH, using less power than a toaster.

World Solar Challenge Map

World Solar Challenge Map – Source (