Proudly Queenslanders.

Our team includes past World Solar Challenge participants, highly skilled technology people, engineers and technicians, designers and mechanics. They come from all walks of life, but share a passion for making things possible and creating the future. Team Arrow is a Queensland based team that aims to show the rest of the world what can be done with homegrown expertise, true Queensland grit and local support.


The management of Team Arrow covers all aspects of managing the business, people, budgeting, sponsorship, marketing and motivating a brilliant team of people to create something great.

Rob Mair (President)

Mike stone (Vice President)

Anthony Prior (Treasurer)

Jeff Slattery (Secretary)

Cameron Tuesley (Chief Technical Officer)





Tanya Ramprasad (Marketing and Media)


Electrical – 12V Team

We design and build the Arrow STF low voltage systems such as head lights, tail lights, indicators, reversing camera, horn, CAN bus, infotainment system and on-board electronics. We also design and build the Arrow STF control systems which includes the main ECU that is a real time control board and CAN control system PCBs.

Wade Jensen (Team Lead)

Sam Mostert

Umesh Mutubandara

Tricia Leung




Sam Haines

Electrical – High Voltage Team

The high voltage team works on the many elements of the Arrow STF which include the solar cell array, MPPTs which track the maximum peak power of the solar array, the battery and the motors to drive the car.

Magnus Lai (Team Lead)

Alex Rudski (Senior Engineer)

Mechanical Team

The mechanical team is working on all the physical aspects of designing, building and maintaining a solar car. This includes composite design, manufacturing, suspension, brakes, steering, chassis and drive train.

Richard Cummack (Team Lead)

Kelvin Choi

Alex Ward

Sam Hall




Peri Albert


Anthony Tran

Rafael Vainikka

Ben Wilson

Software Team

The software team is responsible for all development of all on-board and off-board software systems. We development and test all “drive-critical” embedded logic which coordinates all CAN bus activity and telemetry on-board the ArrowSTF. Off-board systems include all auxiliary software functionality which assists optimisation strategy, monitoring and testing.

Jason Queen (Team Lead)

Samuel Eames




Matthew Spencer

Sam Roy




Ben Maguire